About Kacooler

Shanghai Kacooler Auto Parts Co., Ltd was located in Shanghai city, which was specialized in manufacturing and exporting car refrigerator, DC drawer fridge, Yacht fridge and caravan/RV fridge. Especially, we are able to design, R&D, manufacturing and sales for these car fridges by our factory, has now become one of the top in the field, and has a very good reputation in China and overseas.


The brand of "KACOOLER "portable refrigerators have been authorized by ISO 9001, and CB, CE, GS, SAA etc. These products line covers car refrigerator, DC drawer fridge, Yacht fridge and caravan/RV fridge with the strict quality control system. Kacooler can provide high standard products to customers all over the world.

Moreover, Kacooler can provide the OEM and R&D service according to customer and market demand. We exported products to many countries and regions, Such as North American, European, South American and Middle East etc. with high reputations for many years. Kacooler is a desire to cooperate with our customers and partners around the world, which realize the win-win and make a better life.


The keys for success of the company are:

We can provide the OEM&ODM service as per our best design for customization. Just so we can make your job easier and enjoy a better life.



Complete satisfaction to our clients and provide quick delivery of the products along with affordable price for the clients.



We know the value of your time. Our team is on toes to connect with you for any assistance via Email / Phone / Online Chat only when you want. Your inbox will not be flooded with any time consuming boring newsletters.