New Fridge/ Freezer

We are a Quality Car Fridge Freezer Supplier

Shanghai Kacooler Auto Parts Co., Ltd is the most professional car fridge freezer manufacturer in China. With the introduction of international standard techniques & equipment and our own designing and production department, we have a huge in producing new and quality product development. With skilled and experienced engineers having more than eight years of R&D experience enables us to offer state-of-the-art car fridge according to our customers’ demand.

Our factory has the ISO 9001 and CB, CE, GS, SAA, certification for each of our car fridge freezer. A reliable and long-term relationship has built by us with several customers from Japan, Korea, Europe, and America, because of our top-quality car fridge.

Mini Fridge Freezer Supplier in China

Our mini car fridges give enormous benefits.  Your food stays fresh, cold, and safe for children. Not only melted ice-cream or chocolate; frozen foods will defrost very slowly in our portable car fridges so you can transport frozen fish and meats with you safely.

Unlike passive cool boxes, mini fridge freezer does not need using ice blocks that turn into the melting mess in a few hours. In spite of some battery problems, a majority of new models of our car fridges can charge quickly without killing your car battery instantly.

Portable units of mini fridge freezer won’t merely make the cold drinks or foods cool but also freeze warm materials. Also, some have an advanced setting and simple connection. Most car fridges come with their cords and chargers that you can charge with a 12V car light or plug into a socket of 110v in your house, and fridges do not weigh much. Even a kid can move such appliances from a car or around a house.

Kacooler provides the OEM and R&D services as per market and customer demand. We are exporting car freezers and mini fridge freezer to different regions such as South America, North America, Europe, and the Middle East, etc. with high rapport for many years. Kacooler cooperates with its customers and partners around the globe, which brings a win-win situation and makes consumers’ lives better.

Our car fridges work better compared to other brands. We provide a wide range of sizes – from 13L to 110L. Our units keep the chosen temperature mode under varying ambient temperatures and won’t drain your car battery even in an energy-safe mode. Our mini freeze units provide efficient space utilization.

So, if you need a quality car fridge freezer supplier, contact us.